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A free city within the duchy of Lutia and the capital of Albion in general, this deceptivly named city is the economic and administrative heart of Albion. It is built primarily on the banks of the Mersey river, right below the confluence of the Mersey and the Witham.
The city has a thriving port, as well as sizeable crafting sector. However, otherwise it is more of a trading port. Goods flow in from the rest of Albion and leave to the rest of the world thorugh here. Little is created here, most of its wealth and activity comes from it being the largest city, as well as the center of governance of the country.
Littlehampton is the only metropolis in Albion, and even that is a bit of a stretch.


34000 people live in Littlehampton, or within around a mile of the city
The people of Littlehampton are mostly Human (86%). Around 5% are dwarves, 3% are half-elves, 2% are halfling, another 2% are elves, and the last 2% are various other races.


Day to day governance is performed by a couple of the ministers of the court, appointed by the king. However, the guilds have an advisory role, and each ward has its own minister. It is a free city, so it is not under any authority but the kings.


The walls of the city are firm, and a full 20 ft thick. It is regularily interspersed with towers, each manned by guards with a ballista. Within the city are a few trebuchet points. There are 4 walled off sections within the city, including the castle, built up over different points in time. The outer wall and the walls of the castle are the only ones that are constantly guarded, and all gatehouses within the city not to the castle are left open without a toll.
Entering the city though must be done through one of 3 gatehouses, and a toll of 2 coppers must be paid.
In addition the city has a few magical wards. No teleportation can enter the city, nor can it leave it, except in a single teleportation circle. Undead, fiends, dragonkind, and abberations find the city repulsive. It is overcomeable for a powerful creature, but not for the weak. The 3 gates of the city have been enhanced with magical detection. All magical items, as well as all weapons on a non noble must be surrended to the city. They are gotten back most of the time.

Industry & Trade

Overland and sea trade sustains the city. While air travel happens, it is not a signifigant part of the economy. A couple craft schools exist within the city walls, such as the famous Lashanna school of Abjuration.


The major constructs are the rivers and the kobold run sewer system. Most people are unaware the system was built by kobolds.
The city walls were overgrown centuries ago. The current walls are still manned and kept in good repair, but an invading force would be able to raze half the city.


The city holds the treasury of the king. Inside are a variety of trasures, goods, precious gems, and coins that together make up around 19,200,000 gp.


The city began as an offshoot of another town some 4000 years ago. That town was the eponymous Hampton. That Hampton was decimated by a gnoll attack, and so Littlehampton became the local power. Over time, Littlehampton grew as trade came back to the world, and as the world began to recover from the Death of Tiamat. Eventually, the duke of Lutia decided to move his court to Littlehampton, and there it has stayed for 400 years.


Depending on the part of the city, either quite rich or quite poor.


Built on the banks of the Mersey, near where the Whitam flows into it. Roughly built upon a light hill, but at this point the hill is entirely subsumed by the city. Castle Baselham sits at the top of that hill.
The city itself covers around 230 acres, including the area outside the city. Within the city walls there are perhaps only 210 acres.
It is approximately a third of a days sail in a heavy cargo ship from the mouth of the river (30 miles)
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