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The Brilliance of Recsalbi

This large room, within the Castle Baselham, is the seat of power for the King of Albion, Duke of Lutia. As such, it is both a wonderfully splendid, but more importantly an incredibly important court. Even if the recsalbi is not in court, it is still manned by a representative to deal with issues in Littlehampton that require the recsalbi. However when the recsalbi, and their court, is here, it becomes the political center of the entire duchy of Lutia, and to a lesser extent, all Albion.

Purpose / Function

To serve as the nerve center of lutia, and because of the current title held by that duke, all albion. It serves mostly, however, to intimidate the counts and marchlords of lutia, and serve as a display of the power of the king to the other dukes.
On a day to day basis, it is mostly used to entertain visitors, discuss matters of state, host visiting courts, and have frank discussions with vassals.
Its final use, however, is for final judgement. The kings word is absolute, and many a treason case have been heard here. Executions are traditionally performed outside the castles gate, but a few, more embarassing cases have ended within this room.


Gold and silver dominate the walls, serving as the defining borders of the hundreds of elements around the room. Within those borders, various paintings, trophies, and religious symbols hold prominant places where all can see.
Rectangular, with a roughly 3:1 ratio, hall is taller than it is wide.
The ceiling, which is just a layer under the roof above, hosts 4 great murals on a whitewashed plaster.
The curtains are a thick cloth, stretching from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall.


There are two primary entrances to this room, the primary one at the front, from where visitors approach, after having entrered the great gatehouse and entry room before. Behind the throne, curtains, and stuff, is a smaller door leading to the older, administrative part of the castle to the right and the newer, residential section to the left.
To the south and north are a set of 4 doors that open onto the two eastern courtyards, but they are generally kept closed and barred except summer months, when the king may hold court outside, specifically in the northern court, where it was traditionally held before the building of the throne room.

Sensory & Appearance

The great windows to the south tend to let in a fair amount of light, allowing for easy visibility. One can see the mighty throne, far too large for any normal person to comfortably sit on, bedecked in gold, sitting atop a granite dias with 4 steps leading up to it. To either side, armoured knights, some hanging back with their helmets off, while others nearer the front discuss matters with the young recsalbi with their faces visible. On either side, along the walls, stand ceremonial guards, officers of court, and waiting petitioners. This is a grand room for a grand person, everything in here is to make you look small.
During the night, a small, bright orb illuminates the room from its perch on the ceiling.


There are tens of thousands of gold pieces of equipment, hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of art, and a heck of a lot of actual gold on open display.

Special Properties

In additon to the standard no-teleportation charm on the entire city, this room has an extra charm to the same effect. In addition, all magical items are surrounded with a light aurora.


The throne room was originally a quarter the size, before the expansion of the castle to the south. When the castle was expanded, and an additional section of building was built on beside it, the decision was made to expand the throne room in all directions, to keep the symmetries and design. As such, it is a rather ludicrously sized room, to the point that rich curtains have been set up to partition off a section behind the throne, which is now used for more informal chats and storage of state equpiment.


4 grand arches support the roof of the room, with the throne situated under the last one. Large windows and doors open up to the courtyards on either side, but these are generally kept closed because of the terrible weather of albion.


Every day a dozen or so petitioners will visit and have their concerns heard.
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