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Emenia is the land to the east of Albion. It has a tense relationship with Albion, and with its neighbour to the south, Teutland. It however, is generally disliked by most countries, as its people used to send out raiding parties. That practice has abated in modern times, but is still culturally fresh.
Emenia has taken over a small corner of Eudioa.
Emenia is still less unified than most nations. While a nominal king exists, they only command their forces in times of need. Otherwise, the throne lies empty, and the duchies conspire against each other.


Emenia is comprised of around 12-13 smaller states. Each is mostly independant, only banding together in times of war or strife. In such times, a dictator is elected by the rules of the states, and they command the forces, but only until the next winter.


A mighty navy
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Emens or Emenians.
Neighboring Nations


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