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Hidden in the Black Ash

Thousands of years ago the humans of Allegri were quarrelsome and constantly in conflict with each other. Taking pride in their own accomplishments the Epnari took thier sense of superiority too far and alienated themselves from the other nearby clans of humans. This led to being targeted by orc raiders and eventually their destruction as a clan. Or so history would say. Descended from the ancient Epnari, these advanced folk seclude themselves and their advanced knowledge in the ashy volcanic regions of Allegri where others dare not explore and where they can thrive in secret until the day they decide to return to Allegran society.


Shared customary codes and values

The Vanshaj-Epnari prize their independence and intellectual culture above all else and as a whole prioritize themselves above other intelligent species. This isn't to say that they believe themselves to be superior to other humans, however their way of life, in their perception, is. No member of thier culture would risk the others by being discovered by outsiders and death before capture is a common mindset, even though it has been decades since any outsider has landed on their island shores.

Average technological level

Despite living in isolation, the Vanshaj-Epnari are innovators and creative thinkers. Their understanding of the world around them is on-par with the collective knowledge available at the highest levels of the Dannamore but is significantly more available to the common folk. This means that nearly anybody can learn about anything and should they have a theory in any arena, it is seen as their obligation to investigate it. This is how a large population of isolated humans have managed to hide and thrive in a blackened, ash covered region of the world.

Common Dress code

A large part of the Vanshaj-Epnari culture is that they remain hidden from outsiders. An impractical yet still observed custom is to only wear dark colored clothing and to dye lighter hair colors with synthesized chemical dyes. Originally the tradition was simply to help the folks blend among the black sand beaches and shadowy fauna, however it became a tradition among the people even after they built their hidden cities below the forest canopies of the Black Ash Islands.

Common Taboos

As a people who risked everything to preserve their culture centuries ago, it's considered ignorant and outright blasphemous to intentionally contact outsiders or any other intelligent species. Fiercly isolationist, one of the only ways to truly upset and offend others among the Vanshaj-Epnari is to suggest returning to the mainland in any capacity. It isn't discussed, theorized on, or insinuated at the risk of serious social concequences.
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