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The Odyeon Isles is a region that really seems like it's completely unlivable, but that is only on the outside. More civilized creatures take their shelter and life underground. The thin shores might lead to small caves and systems of tunnels. In these spaces the humanoid population takes their place. Many tunnels and especially caves are naturally made, carved out by the powerful waves or loosened up by the giant root systems. The others are hand made.


Major language groups and dialects

They have developed a kind of secondary language consisting of codes, whistles and a system to communicate when the storms are high. A network of lines sprawls out between places that are further apart and important to connect. Lines that a dialogue can pass through even if the wind would carry the voices away if you stood a meter away from each other.

Art & Architecture

These people have a strong connection to nature; the sea, the birds, the cliffs and caves and especially the other organisms that live on these inhospitable islands. Their art reflect it. Many poems is about the sea and it's moods. Paintings and carvings depicting the sideways tree or the tronds soaring high in the sky.   The caves they live in are rugged but made homely. The rock inside reveals beautiful patters, swirling lines of orange hues. They decorate their living spaces to enhance the beauty, hanging rocks, branches and moss in the different sections of the lines.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When someone dies the body is salvaged. If they had long hair, braids are made and strung up in the trees above, letting the wind play with it. Many of the organs and inner part of the body is reuse, often as bait for fishing or bird catching.

Common Myths and Legends

They often speak of the sea. She is a fierce mother, but she can be serene and loving, though most of the time she wants them to respect and even maybe fear her a bit. She has the power over their lives as some of her high tides can drown them and take away their only safe space.
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