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Some birds call these islands their home. They soar easily on the strong winds and fold their wings tight to their body for maximum aerodynamics, to quickly move downwards and/or against the wind. They make their homes on the high cliffs on the shores, and some inside or on the crooked trees. They have a strong grip on their feet as to be able to catch falling eggs or to hold the nest steady when building.

Basic Information


This bird is around 45 - 60 cm with a wingspan on 100 - 130 cm.
It has a brown/green attire on its back and head, while the belly is white. The dark color is to blend in with the cliffs they live on, while the white is for the sky.
Their beak is long and slim, colored in an orange hue, the same color as their feet. They have small webbings between their claws, but not at all as big as other shorebirds. They need more flexible and stronger claws to be able to live on the steep cliffs.
The wings are one of the most identifying features of this bird. They are big, long and slim, active soaring wings. They have immense control of their them, making quick movements in the air, gliding through the winds.

Genetics and Reproduction

These birds have penises. The females have an opening that they can close by will, to be able to choose who will fertilize them.

Ecology and Habitats

This kind of shorebird is specialized for living on the Odyeon Isles, so this specific kind of bird is only found in this area.   They find cracks in the steep cliffs and make their homes inside them and builds a kind of nest on the outside.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat fish, insects and other birds' eggs.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sight is specialized to see small objects from long distances. They have quite lousy hearing, which only works well on close range or if it's loud.
Geographic Distribution

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