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Odyeon Isles

An archipelago in the north with one of the harshest climates in Cotenil. Long periods of heavy rain and strong winds makes this a difficult place to live in. The high cliffs of the islands makes it hard to travel safely to and from.
  This is a region that really seems like it's completely unlivable, but that is only on the outside. More civilized creatures take their shelter and life underground. The thin shores might lead to small caves and systems of tunnels. In these spaces the humanoid population takes their place. Many tunnels and especially caves are naturally made, carved out by the powerful waves or loosened up by the giant root systems. The others are hand made.


The Odyeon isles are known for their inhospitable environment. The islands sits high above the sea level with its steep cliffs. On top of the isles small hills roll over the surface, carrying the strong winds.

Fauna & Flora

Small plant life is the most popular form of life on these islands, such as grass, bushes and moss. All of the flora has developed a heavy and strong root system to keep them from being uprooted by the wind.   The few trees that manage to grow are bent and seems to grow horizontally from the ground. They don't have any leaves, instead they carry needles that won't blow off the island when the wind catches them. They are also quite tough and bendable, so the branches are hard to break.   Some birds call these islands their home. They soar easily on the strong winds and fold their wings tight to their body for maximum aerodynamics, to quickly move downwards and/or against the wind. They make their homes on the high cliffs on the shores, and some inside or on the crooked trees. They have a strong grip on their feet as to be able to catch falling eggs or to hold the nest steady when building.


Only crazy ones travel willingly to these islands. Even the most adventurous, adrenaline seeking explorers have a hard time making their way to the isles, as extremely few boat owners on the mainland wants to risk their life for money. Climbing the cliffs and wind gliding are two examples of activities that attracts adventurers.
Alternative Name(s)
Stormy islands
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species
(Dining rooms with tree roots as chandeliers.)

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