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Besan Isles

Five island siblings, with Myin as the biggest island. They are a common place to travel to when you're on a holiday. They have everything from long beaches, interesting food, caves for adventure and mountaintops to see the wold from.


Two mountaintops sits on the isles of Myin and Viir, Lighop and Snakerock respectively. They are well visible from a distance and are popular climbing spots. Lighop is dangerous, with its higher altitude and unstable footing, so it's only recommended to experienced climbers. Snakerock is classed as a medium-difficulty mountain, so the base camp is much fuller than the one at Lighop. There is also a big cave system under Lighop. Most parts of the system is closed off, both due to the danger of the unsafe areas, but also because there is some wild life living in the caves that can attack adventurers.

From the mountaintops runs rivers all the way down to the sea. The Blue Lake sits at the foot of Myin's mountain.

Fauna & Flora

These four islands are mostly covered in lush, deciduous forests. The trees close to the water grow big leaves that give good shade to the inhabitants. Up the rolling hills grows thick bushes.

(the isles have a small regent, like a duke or whatever)


  • Besan Isles
    A big island with it's four smaller siblings.
Alternative Name(s)
Isles of Holiday
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Included Locations
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Author's Notes

Hello! This is my first entry to a community challenge, and I'm sorry for those that hoped for more content on this article hehe I didn't really do my best, and got a bit stuck, so that's why it's unfinished for the challenge. But I'm going to continue on this later, so I hope you'll want to visit it again! :)

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