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Culture and cultural heritage

Dog Breeding

Greys breed some of the highest quality dog wool available.
Quite a feat in a place with so little to eat. Do they forego food for themselves and their children?
pochteca salt trader

Average technological level

Salt Mining

White Salt
Flake, pin and milk salts are abundantly and cheaply mined from the top ground layer to be shaped into building blocks for above ground dwellings.
Pink Salt
A slow and methodical process of using evaporation to extract pink salt from the only source of water in the salt flat: Khew Lake.
Flower Salt
Occasionally a blue orchid will sprout from a cold, dead place on the salt flat and be collected to extract the one flower crystal in its stem.

Common Dress code


Over the plate, all greys wear woolen cloaks and capes to block out the sun during the day and keep warm at night.
Their robes are just dirty enough to camouflage themselves in the white and dusky backdrop of the place.
Tuxmen on his return journey from the Zargostone Belt

Plate Amour

Under the veils, all greys wear a dark plate at all times as a part of some religious observance.
No one outside of the greys can say anything of its significance. Or even where material for the armour comes from. They are as silent about that as they are with every thing else.
— Inquiring maize merchant

Art & Architecture

Salt Strongholds

Underground towns dot the barren landscape. Though mostly unseen, entrances can be identified by rectangular buildings jutting out from the ground made from salt bricks.

Foreigners Camp

Permission is normally given for visitors to stay in the above ground buidings made from the surrounding salt. When armies occassionally march through, they would pitch their own tents to ring around the salt camp.

Significant presence in
Century Cactus
Species | Jan 18, 2021

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