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The Marn people are descended from the original inhabitants of Metray and the people of Eoion who moved into the area after Ilya Shiroko's conquest. They settled along the coast that would ultimately become Svantei Gansen. Before the advent of the Okenumi, the area was peaceful and a decent spot for fishing. Most of the people there produced fish based goods or farmed in the surrounding area. However, after Svante Shiroko III created his Okenumi, the area became increasingly hostile.   Originally only composed of people from Metray, with the influx of Eoin citizens, the intermingling of the two cultures produced another ethnicity that become more and more closed off from the rest of the empire as they shored up their alliance with the Okenumi. Because they had been on the coastline before the creatures were prevalent, the Okenumi saw them as people to be protected.   This led to an alliance between the Marn and Okenumi that is not seen in any other people, except the Shiroko Dynasty who have control over all Ilyannoi species.   With the aggression of the Okenumi, the area has become increasingly hostile to those who do not live there. The Marn are the only people who can travel between Svantei Gansen and the rest of the empire without fear. They are able to fish in the waters and the Okenumi assist them. This has made them incredibly skilled at dangerous fishing techniques and given them the small ability to communicate with Ilyannoi that is not seen in any other people, second only to the royal family.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Feminine names often end in -a, -u, or -z.

Masculine names

Feminine names often end in -y, -i, or -l.

Family names

Family names tend to be a combination of Farenese traditional names and Eoin ones. Most often, they are taken from the mother's side.


Beauty Ideals

Unlike most of Eoion, short hair is often seen. This is not to say that their styles are as short as those found in the Yzel Kingdom, however. It is only a comparison. In most of the empire, hair is kept past the shoulder blades or longer, with the upper classes tending to have hair down to their waists. The Marn have hair lengths between the shoulders and the shoulder blades so as not to be weighed down when swimming with the Okenumi.    Braids are seen often and are highly prized, similar to standard Eoin culture. Shells are also used instead of rings or beads as decoration.

Gender Ideals

Men and women are both taught to fish early in life. However, women tend to stay in town and participate in government while the men go out with the Okenumi.
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