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Svantei Gansen (svahn'TAY GAHN'sehn)

Svantei Gansen, also known as Svante's Coast, is a jagged coastline at the northern end of the Eoion Empire. The original name is hardly used anymore and the official name for the area has been settled.   It was from here that Emperor Svante Shiroko II, also known as Svante the Sea King, launched his successful assault on the islands to the north of the Seleim continent. Without a strong navy, Eoion had never attempted to conquer these islands and they were too far from the Yzel Kingdom for that country to make any sort of offensive strike, particularly without going into Eoin territory.   Emperor Svante III created the first viable, large sea based Ilyannoi called Okenumi, as his dream was to conquer farther north in order to obtain the metal resources that were abundant on the islands, particularly iron ore and gold, both of which were already major exports in Eoion. His desire for more was to increase productions and make the country richer.   After the battle, he allowed many of his Okenumi to remain at the coastline and go back and forth between the shore and the islands. This was meant to ensure that the coast would always be guarded and the islands would be kept subdued.   Over the centuries, the Okenumi have evolved, but retained their directive to defend. As such, they are extremely hostile to anyone who comes near the coast or the sea. Most who lived in the area fled and the creatures were mostly left with their mission. This has made the coast a very inhospitable place on top of the storms that routinely ravage the shoreline.   Subsequent rulers have returned to the coast in order to bond with the creatures and renew their orders. Those who have remained at the coast see the monsters as guardians and the Shiroko Dynasty as divine. This is the only area outside of the capitol where the royals are worshiped. The area is also home of the Marn people.
Coast / Shore
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