Galgorian Gnomes

The Galgorian gnomes are a tribe of gnomes that have adapted and evolved to survive the harsh nature of the Galgorian swamps. They stand a foot shorter than their cousins in order to navigate the treacherous waters and hide within rotted trees. After enough time they began to build settlements that float on the water and are attached to the trees.   They have begun to grow slight webbing around their finger and toes after centuries of surviving through the muck and waterlogged landscape.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Swamp Rats


Shared customary codes and values

They believe that there shall be no waste as any resource is valuable.   They believe of survival of the fittest as only the best can survive the harsh environment.

Average technological level

Most of the tribes have remained to tribal technology with a few more developed spots. These settlements are trying to find a way to keep a more permanent foundation.

Common Etiquette rules

It's common etiquette to trade goods for safe passage or information of the local landscapes. Tribes of gnomes often trade goods with one another, during this time courtship is often possible between two tribes.  After enough time a small temporary settlement may be founded.

Common Dress code

Due to the vast amount of swamps and webbed appendages they tend to wear basic loin clothes or leather based clothing.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The most common custom is when two groups meet is trading food and information in order both groups have a higher chance for survival. If one side has nothing to offer then they are left to struggle against the Dead Marshes.

Coming of Age Rites

Once a gnome has reached adulthood they must make a pilgramage through the Dead Marshes and return with a foreign good. They do this to prove they have learned and mastered the ways to survive.

Funerary and Memorial customs

For gnomes who pass away they reclaim any material possession and use the body as fertilizer for mushroom farms.
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