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Galgornian Swamps

The Galgornian Swamps is the main feature of the area of Galgorne, which it is named after. It is known for its hostile terrain as most life avoids to grow there. The only life that can be found are mushrooms, moss, and insects. Necromancers are often found practicing their craft as this land has claimed many lives and the dead rise once a month through the from of Will'o'wisps and zombies, angered by their tragic death while traveling through.


The area around the Galgorian swamps are harsh and little life resides in the area due to lack of resources. The massive swamp encompasses any life and suffocates any chance for long turn survival as the main food source is moss, mushrooms, and insects.


Due to the extreme humidity and lack of predators most life is insects, mushrooms, and moss which some have found to be editable.

Localized Phenomena

The harsh environment has led to an abundance of drowned and bloated corpses. Necromancers go through pilgrimages to this location in order to prove their mastery over death by reclaiming the bodies that the Death Marshes have previously claimed. Those who die here are often at unrest and rumor has it they walk once a month and their souls light up the grim area.


This swamp has always been hostile, though local myth has it that a ancient Shadowfell dragon made their lair in the region and died ages ago. Until recently no one has tried to settle in the region but there are some gnomes who have found ways to purify and swim through some of the thinner waters allowing them to live where no one else could. Often they would use the terrain to drive off or at least warn innocent travelers of the local terrors.
Alternative Name(s)
Death Marshes
Wetland / Swamp
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