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The Untethered


The Untethered are a small ethnicity of people who move back and fourth between the mortal plane and the Underdark. While on the mortal plane they reside in the Leaking Caverns, creating small settlements in the large caverns. They travel between the mortal plane and the Underdark often enough that the are considered in a in between state and hold no innate connection to either plane. As a result, they can spend longer than 24 hours in the cave system without being forced back into the Underdark.


Major language groups and dialects

The three major groups that make up this ethnicity are the Dark Elves, the Dark Gnomes, the Dark Dwarves. Each specie has its own language that they use among themselves. However in this combined group they rely on an outdated common that is non comparable to the common used on the mortal plane.

Shared customary codes and values

The common code of these ethnicities is a sense of protection. This group is made up of different species that do not necessarily get along in the under dark but to have a sense of protection from the horrors in the Underdark and the other things that can emerge in the Caverns they have agreed to a single community for more protection. Cooperation is vital as children from the under dark will be sent over to live in the community until they are old enough to at the very least know how to run and hide.   They also value privacy and secrecy above all else. They hid in the caverns rarely leaving and almost never interacting with the people of the mortal plane. When someone from the mortal plane wander down into their civilization the will often either kill them or take them as a slave to prevent divulging the knowledge of their civilization.
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