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The aberrations of the Eleventh World

The eleventh world is very heterogeneous, and their technological advances make it particularly good to live there. Unless you are an urchin or, even worse, a wielder of some sort of ability the locals can consider unnatural.

Some worlds—unaware or isolated worlds, mostly—don't have any wielders of magic or similar abilities, with obvious exceptions like foreseeing, percipient sense and other specific enigmas that show up randomly in all kinds of places and families.
That's not the case of the Eleventh world. While every country in this world has cut ties with most stranger cultures, they still carry the genes of travelers that settled here before and during the many conquer attempts

Alien tourists and immigrants are not welcomed and the descendants of travelers that show any ability considered supernatural are either isolated, harassed, imprisoned or executed, depending on the country's laws and customs. These people, locally referred to as aberrations, are always in a precarious position, trying to balance their need to preserve their roots, explore their individual potential, and try to fit in a world that would hate them.

Not so long ago, these people would admit their nature and deal with the consequences, trying to support each other, but the last two generations in the Eleventh World have become quite aggressive. Magic wielders learnt spells to travel out of the world. Others boarded ships when they had a chance. The rest hid as well as they could.

To this day, both their descendants and those with random or recessive abilities, do their best to hide themselves and pray that their children are spared from the same fate. But the culture developed by previous generations remains.

The Eleventh World, marvelous as it may be, it's the most dangerous place in the universe for them, but it's also their home, where their lives are, as well as their friends and relatives. So they stay if they can, and they secretly support each other as much as possible, even if only by providing a sense of belonging.


Beauty Ideals

Most of them had developed their definition of beauty based on their families' culture and their own personal tastes, but they tend to like any expression of uniqueness.

Relationship Ideals

How are you supposed to trust and be honest, when the truth can get you executed?
Aberrations often prefer to keep their relations superficial and somehow distant, and save the honesty for those who share their condition.   That doesn't mean they don't dream with a perfect connection worth betting their lives on, a relationship that proves to be safe in the end.


Eleventh World of Grista

The smugglers

These days it's hard to leave the Eleventh World by ship, even more so for those aberrations with obvious abilities, and not many of those who can easily pretend "normalcy" would like to abandon their home. But for the ones who want or need to leave, there is an option.

Every aberration knows—or will learn soon—that if they wear something white everyday, sooner or later a stranger will approach them and ask them for directions to visit "a poor guy named Meried". Then they can go together to the closest abandoned building, from where they will magically travel.

Most members of this organization are not wielders of traveling magic, they just watch and report to the ones who are.


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