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Kee (/ki/)

The Kee are a race of merfolk who live in amphibious cities out in the ocean. According to their histories these cities used to be part of a grand island chain and the ruins at the bottom most levels seem to support this theory. The Kee are by necessity a seafaring people and due to their limited ability to produce resources in their own territory they are, for the most part, merchants. They are a strong, hearty people, there isn't as much time for leisure in the life of the Kee as you might see in the Empire, and they are, as a result, in better health on average. 
Kee society is an odd marriage of competition and community support and co-operation. Life is tough out here and the race would not have survived without supporting each other, but as resources are scarce actual ownership became something of an odd concept to them. When a Kee owns something personally they are expected to be able to keep it. It is expected in Kee society that you take from others, there are no un-owned things to take (disregarding perhaps the things belonging to those outside Kee society but that will be addressed), so you must be able to defend yourself against the same. The Kee are, however, a good natured and friendly people on the whole so this custom has become something like a friendly ribbing when your neighbor lets his guard down, more "Haha I got your thing!" than truly malicious. The only true robberies by force that tend to happen come when one individual starts to collect too much personal wealth and power. This has prevented the Kee from having a true "leader" and the society operates under something almost like 'anarchy by mutual consent' that is alien to their Imperial neighbors.

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