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Pirates of Swagscale Point

The Pirates of Swagscale Point are one of the few truly multi-species societies within the Churning World. They include Skaashkth, humans, Griggles, Vissari, Ironfolk, and more from the three continents. While originally brought together by a shared love or larceny and a pursuit of riches it has been many, many generations since the first non-Skaashkth came to set up residence within the Screaming Mists and a shared cultural identity has formed out of the intermingling beliefs and cultural norms of the various original groups.   The main unifying cultural anchor is their shared faith. Though they come from many species who have their own cultural and religious beliefs the vast majority of those who grew up in Swagscale Point tend to revere and even worship the memory of their founder; the demigoddess pirate She Who Hunts the Seas. The pirate-goddess famously believed that while the true gods are absent it is the demigods themselves who are the real gods of the Churning World and that each demigod should do as they pleased. As such the gods themselves are not worshiped in the Screaming Mists. At least not by the large majority. Instead worship and reverence is reserved almost exclusively for She Who Hunts the Seas herself. Though she died long ago her role as the founder of Swagscale Point and stories of her many exploits have earned her a position of deification that even other demigods seldom receive.


Major language groups and dialects

Language is a common barrier among the people of Swagscale Point. Humans, Griggles, and Ironfolk can all communicate freely and Vissari can uniquely mimic the vocalizations of any species, but the Skaashkth cannot replicate the vast majority of sounds made by the more mammalian species and humans and Griggles are wholly unable of pronouncing Skaashkth words. Since Skaashkth are still the majority species most non-Skaashkth learn their language and are able to understand their vocalizations but must reply in written form. Some Skaashkth do learn other languages as well and are able to comprehend them when spoken in return. Because of this almost everyone who grows up in Swagscale Point learns at least two languages with Skaashkth being either their primary or secondary language.

Shared customary codes and values

Freedom is the single greatest virtue among the Swagscale pirates. It is what She Who Hunts the Seas fought and died for and what the vast majority of people who come to the Point are looking for. As such there is fairly little real rule of law in Swagscale Point itself, though each ship’s captain is understood to have absolute authority on their own vessel. But because of a lack of legally binding contracts a tyrannical captain can be quick to lose their crew when they make port.   The people of Swagscale Point hold loyalty and individuality in equally high esteem and things that would be viewed as a crime in other parts of the world are seen as socially acceptable. Stealing from another person without getting caught is considered a show of cunning and armed robbery a show of strength. The exception is when stealing from allies, crew-mates, and close friends and family. Loyalty is expected to be held above one’s personal greed and as such stealing from someone who is supposed to be able to trust you is strongly looked down on.

Common Dress code

The people of Swagscale Point originally got their name for wearing much of their looted valuables on their person rather than simply hiding it away. This tradition has been maintained even today. This combined with a rather flamboyant culture of glory seeking and drawing attention to oneself has caused people to dress in bright colors, wear their finest jewelry, and flaunt their wealth of precious metals and shiny stones wherever they go.


Relationship Ideals

Inter-species romances are more widespread in Swagscale Point than in most other parts of the world but it is still something thought poorly of by the majority of residences. Most will shrug their shoulders and think the participants strange while a minority of more puritanical individuals will openly condemn the practice as unpleasant and distasteful. However the closeness of so many fully sapient species in such tight knit groups makes the couplings all but inevitable, no matter how harshly others will judge them for it.

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