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In the deserts of Ar Malaha, the Aanaba people live nomadically. Technically part of Kornarak, Aanaba don't have much contact with the rest of the country much less the politics of Hoard. For the past 60 years they have lived under the rule of Kornarak, and mostly benefited from the change in leadership. Aanaba may be any of the shapes the Formers created as they all live in Ar Malaha.   Aanaba are nomadic people living in small family groups. Most Aanaba are herders to keep up with the enormous demand for cattle from Kornarak. They move the cattle constantly in search of water and the plants that grow near them. The cattle and Aanaba people both consume the plants. The cattle are especially hardy and it is common that the Aanaba will consume some cattle when plants are harder to find.   The cultural ties between family groups are tenuous at best, but gatherings of all Aanaba occur throughout the year. Artistry and especially stories are shared at the gatherings. Becoming a good storyteller is considered to be one of the highest professions an Aanaba can achieve, and the best storytellers can entrance an audience.   In exchange for maintaining a huge cattle population for Kornarak, the dragon king has offered more protection. This means in comparison to [city dwellers] in Hoard, the Aanaba people have a much higher opinion of the dragon ruler. They gain the protection of the dragon and only at the cost of continuing their lives. Occasionally the dragon ruler may demand more cattle than a group can safely give away, but this is rare and so opinions of the dragon ruler remain generally popular among the Aanaba.   Of course, the Aanaba are themselves a diverse people, sharing a general culture, but maintaining individual identities within family groups.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Abishai, Ida Citra, Isolde, Kusuma, Nirmala, Tedja,

Masculine names

Arif, Farrell, Baskoro, Eka, Khoosasi, Putra
Related Locations

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8 Aug, 2021 21:48

I didn't know your world yet, but it took me until half way into the article to realize why 'Hoard' was called hoard, and that there is an actual dragon ruler :)   Cool concept, and i love how the dragon is relatively friendly to the people in charge of his food