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Prompt 13: Frodin

A Frodin is rarely seen amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. They tend to enjoy the wilderness for it's calm and peaceful nature. Thriving amongst the beast and the chill that can shatter bones. They are the true hunters of the Icey Barrens. They could run circles around any hunter who calls the frozen lands home. - A hunter with a beard
    The Frodins are the lone tribe that calls the Icey Barrens home. A tribe of hunters who revere nature and understands the secrets of the barrens. Some people have given them the nickname of frosty as they tend to be able survive in the worst cold.   The people of the Frodin's rarely deal with people outside of the barrens, though they have sometimes aided a traveler who was in need. Hunters from the guild have made deal with the Frodin's for supplies and maps to safely navigate the barrens with out trouble. This have lead to many hunters being able to hunt some of the beast which find themselves in the barrens.   Rumor has it that long ago the Frodin's made a pact with an ice spirit so that they could live in the Icey Barrens. That this deal made them capable of feeling the ice and snow. Allowing them to tell when a flash freeze was coming. This may have also lead to them picking a spot for their village that is near impossible to get a flash freeze.


Common Myths and Legends

The Myths that follow the Frodin's are many. One of the more common ones is that they made a pact with a ice spirit. Another is that they were enhanced by the Lazari to be able to handle the cold better than anyone else. There's also an intresting one that says that they may very well be the human form of the Snow Shade.

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