Charn Refugees

The Refugees of Charn, came from a hellscape of Charn, a world in the middle of war between the Warriors of Celestia and Elysium and spill over of devils and demons from the dark sphere of Abaddon.   The people of the world ended up being trapped and learnt to survive for hundreds of years when a natural path though the mists formed between Charn and the true hellscape of Abaddon, the frontline of the fight of Demons and Devils. When that war split over into Charn, the gods took notice and sent their own legions from Elysium to make sure it didn’t spill further. The entire world over the cause of weeks became a world of destruction and death. Those that survived and hidden from the Divine war that ended up within this sphere.   They learnt to survive and stay hidden from both sides, all the mortal races that survive banded together to stand any chance of surviving, finding well hidden valleys and caves to live and keep as much as their culture together as they could. Elf, Dwarf, Human and Orc all living together on top of the ruins of the old world.   They learnt to hide farmlands within ruins, and hid what settlements they still used, as well as using valleys deep in mountains and underground settlements that were once the homes of just the Dwarves, but all were welcome.  

The People of Charn

  The Charn Refugees only trust others of their world, and while they now on Bavo’sand they still believe in trust within each other, and not those who haven’t suffer the hardships that they suffer, and they all setup home in The Shambles, which was somewhat of a rundown, but it reminds them of home with the semi old buildings, which are run down and ruining. They are one of the few self-sufficient groups within the city, they built farms within some of the ruins, as they learnt to do at home.


Culture and cultural heritage

While the Charnites survived, so much of the culture was lost over the centuries that they hide and survived. Little is left other than the oral stories of the time before the wars.

Common Dress code

Netural Dark colours, that blend in natural colours of the lands and buildings around them,


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