Chakhale (ʧakhale)

The Chakhale people are a Sun-Malen ethnicity that lives in Takihre Desert west of the clans. Due to their harsh surroundings, the Chakhale people have learned how to live in a world with barely any water or food. They can be brutal warriors, but try to preserve their strength for things that matter to them. They live in small nomadic tribes that trek across the desert from oasis to oasis, sometimes arriving at a city to resupply things they can't forage for.  


Part of the western group of Sun-Malen, these Malen have black or brown hair. Their eyes are brown, black, gold, copper, amber, and sometimes green or red. Their noses are large, even for western Sun-Malen and their ears are, relative to other male, quite small and of course furless. They are slimmer and taller than most Malen in the are and have a tendency to, like most Sun-Malen, urinate a very dark color. This because that saves on water. Their skin is much darker than most Takihre Sun-Malen, this is probably because of their long history of living in the desert where the sun is the strongest. The melanin in their skin protects them more from the sun. For the city dwelling Malen there is much less need for tanned skin.

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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