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Guralec Goblins

Ah yes, the Guralec Goblins. Tricksters through and through, these little dark blue skinned thieves value the shiny and fancy. They call caves their home and are most excellent at exploring. If you happen to cross a pack of goblins, best hope to hand over your jewelery. And if not, well I hope you have nothing planned for the evening, since you wont be able to leave so quickly.
— All knowing Lohrk

From Proud Builders to Fallen Thieves

The cold stone walls and the occasional wet droplets of water falling from the ceiling rule the lives of the Guralec Goblins. There is no time for fancy etiquette, good manners or politeness, because the underworld waits for no soul to make their escape.

Forced Roguery

Before the Appearance of the Primals

Guralec Goblins, previously known as Gifted Goblins lived in the overworld, often choosing to build their clans in the sides of mountains and next to streams of water, they lived happily and in harmony between the heavens and the earth. Being highly adaptive and quick witted, these small creatures thrived in their domain, building contraptions, little automizations and sturdy houses. They valued their persona and wanted to display their knowledge in form of architecture, often constructing breathtaking monuments.

The Day of Reckoning

The day the Guralec Goblins experienced the wrath of the gods. On the day the Primals descended from the endless skies, bolts of fire and ice were shot towards every, single, village, these little guys ever built. Huge constructs were struck by lightning, technology got sucked into the void and the Magicules surrounding the villages were sucked dry. This event is only recorded in books which pages have long withered away, only told by mouth in todays age. The goblin folk surviving the first wave of attacks stood in disarray, running for their lives in every direction. Only a few were able to escape the wrath of the gods, fleeing into the caves under their homes, hiding and praying to whatever entity may grace them with a blessing.

A New Life

Emergence from the underground was pointless, as the gods despised the technology of the goblin tribes. Everytime a green-skinned creature tried to return to their former home, their body would promptly ignite and burn to ashes. The goblins remained in their underground tunnels depressed and defeated. Yet, despite all the misfortune, the folk knew something had to be done.

well if the gods won't let us live in in the mountains, we will build our empire UNDER THEM!
So the goblins went to work, slowly but surely securing themselves a life in caves, building entire underground villages, securing food from the wildlife living in their domain and various plants.

Physical Evolution

Over more than 1500 years, the goblins high adaptability to magic gave their evolution an enormous boost, their skin turned from a light green to a deep dark blue color. Their ears got sharper and their eyes gradually perceive the environment less as reflected light, but rather as a realm of different particles.

Mental Evolution

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Eq'ra, Gieth, Shiapa, Sluiz, Taahoirx, Thin, Wurga

Masculine names

Ebug, Krivreazz, Prognior, Riz, Slart, Zrik

Family names

Arghul, Dor'kht, Shraga, Uvlohnirk, Wyurk, Zuokleshta

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22 Jul, 2021 20:59

I'm naming a goblin Wurga Wurga Wurga, and if my players don't say her name in full she's going to whack their knee with a quarterstaff.