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Fire Giants

Fire giants or Ithgar are a kindred of giants. Originally the sand giants, they are native to the hot deserts of Therrmordia.


The progenitors of the Fire Giants were created by the Earthfather during the First Creation. After the first humans were formed and placed in slumber, the Earthfather desired to make beings that were larger and stronger, the better to face the world's trials than the frail humans. He walked throughout the world, gathering various types of earth. When he finished his travels he formed each type of earth into a different kindred of giants and placed them in the environment he had taken their earth from. One of these were the sand giants. Relatively short and squat by giant standards, the sand giants lacked the strength of the other kindreds. They struggled in the harsh deserts. Their rough living conditions and perceived weakness led them to seek the aid of Bethrezzigar. Their outlook pleased the Fiery Primordial, and he blessed them with his fire. As the giants were bathed in fire, their skin fused and hardened like blackened glass. The sand giants grew in strength and toughness. Adopting the name of the element that changed them, they became the fire giants.


Fire giants stand around nineteen feet tall, slightly taller than a hill giant, but much broader. They have wide shoulders and barreled chests. Their legs are very thick, with their calves as wide as their thighs. At nearly 8,000 pounds, a fire giant weighs almost one and a half times as much as a hill giant. Their skin is charcoal colored, and their hair ranges from blonde through orange to red, changing to gray and white as the giant ages. Hair and beards tend to be short.


Left to their own devices, fire giants form bands of up to fifty giants. These nomadic groups roam swaths of desert hunting and gathering what they can. Fire giant bands will frequently raid beyond the bounds of their deserts and retreat into their hostile landscapes to escape all but the most prepared and equipped retaliation. More peaceful interactions with neighbors include trading what they scavenge from the sands and serving as guards and guides for travelers and caravans. Some giants will leave their lands to serve as mercenaries.   The harsh living conditions Fire giants experience has led to a mentality of pulling ones own weight and contributing to the group. One of the most dishonorable things in fire giant society is to be a burden on one's band. To preserve honor, a giant that can no longer contribute to the band is expected to return to the desert, normally by walking away from camp and succumbing to the elements. A giant that is unable to return to the desert might volunteer as a sacrifice.


Fire giants were predisposed towards Bethrezzigar's philosophy, were blessed by him, and fought for him during the Godswar, so it should not be surprising that most fire giants practice infernalism. Even non-infernalist giants are so similar in views and outlooks that the differences are more visual (no sacrifices and fewer demons) than substantial. Religious fire giants who are not infernalists are almost exclusively Primordialists, as they still respect Bethrezzigar and reject worshiping one of his traitorous incarna and water spirits. .


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