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Pink Vila

The Pink Vila are a Pink-Eyed subspecies residing in the heavily radiated rural areas of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. A group of feminine, nymph-like fae, they are known to be malevolent towards any and all intruding on their land, luring in and toying with unsuspecting passers-by who venture too close.   Borne of radiated woodland, these Vila are resistant to harsh environments, thriving in places where most fae and humans alike would avoid. To this end, they live mostly undisturbed; preferring to keep to themselves so long as nobody troubes them. For this reason, some believe they are simply territorial and paranoid of strangers due to the great stigma against their kind, but regardless none have been able to come close enough to understand them truly.  

Observed Habits and Culture

A rip, and their cardigan was torn in half; a cardigan Nadi had only given them that day. Another rip, and the sleeve of their shirt was gone. The elves that had taken them danced around the fire, draping the torn fabrics around themselves with gleeful laughter. Ondela whimpered; the only sound they could make in the haze of the faeries’ magic, as tears ran helplessly down their cheeks and the cold began to bite into their skin: somewhow all the more cold in the thrall of the elves. [...] They couldn't struggle, couldn't call for help, and as searching fingers became claws against their skin they could only allow it to happen, caught entirely in their trap.   -exerpt from Westward Journey, a Cyberfei novel in progress
  Pink Vila live and travel in groups, building campfires and crude shelters from the environment around them. They tend to settle wherever they find, rarely moving unless their settlement becomes entirely uninhabitable (through enroaching wildlife, too frequent intrusion, etc). They hunt in these same groups, usually with one Vila (theorised to be either the eldest or the strongest magically) acting as the 'lure' to tempt strangers further into their home, where they will then be attacked by the rest of the group who will strip them for trinkets, fabrics and eventually kill and siphon them for power and food.   Survivors of Pink Vila attacks will require immediate medical attention if injured, as the Pink Vila are highly radioactive much like any other Pink-Eyes, and a wound from their claws or teeth will poison even other fae. Humans who have been attacked by Pink Vila and survive invariably become sick with radiation poisoning and often die from this.
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