The Lilenthan is the only known culture of Deamkin in Lyra. Although their origin is filled with legends of their descent from Aqua / Selene and their frozen messiah Aster, The South Prince not much is know about them or their past.


For hundreds of years the Lilenthan have been living in the frozen and unforgiving wastelands of Aspiria, one of the most dangerous inhabited places on Lyra. The Lilenthan are known to create super-families of one hundred and fifty to two hundred Deamkin that live together as a single entity, sharing resources and care for each other under the protective eyes of a princess-and-bride, the youngest girl over the age of sixteen years at the point the previous princess-and-bride departs this world.


The Lilenthan are deeply faithful people. Their whole life revolves around the teachings attributes to the Aster, The South Prince according to the writing of Asterism a loosely organized religion that exists for as long as Lilenthans kept historical records.


After hundreds of years of inhabiting Aspiria, lately the survival of the Lilenthan is becoming quite precarious and many families are either in the process of preparing or colonizing the southmost islands of the Nyrian Archipelago bringing them, in some cases in direct confrontation with the indeginous population and the Thebian colonists. The Great Lilenthian migration is probably caused by the rapidally changing environment and the recent vicious incursions of the mutated creatures from Hypernotia

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That-That is a huge These people sound very interesting, I think I would like to get to know them better. Great article :)

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23 Jul, 2021 20:32

Dang, that's quite a large family! I can't imagine how big their houses must get to accommodate everyone. :O

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I'm really interested in hearing more about their family dynamics and housing, that's the most intriguing aspect so far. The Great Lilenthian migration sounds like a good set up for a campaign.

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These are both very very good points, thank you so much William  

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  • Expand on the housing
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    That's an interesting family system and way to design a leader. Who is the husband of this princess-and-bride supposed to be since "bride" is in their name?

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    Princess-and-brides of ... Aster, the South Prince which is kind of their "God/Deity/Revered One" still need to write that article :) but yeah, they are all brides of Aster the South Prince.

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    These sound like a very interesting culture. I'm very curious to know more about their family dynamics and housing situation. :)

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