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According to the stories, thousands of years ago the Deamkin were splintered from the Eledhrim by their Atlantean masters. Nobody knows why. What is certain is that the Deamkin have evolved to become quite different than their Eledrim brothers and sisters.

Standing at about the same height as most Anthros, the Deamkin, are easily recognisable by their dark, blue, purple or red thin-scaled and soft to the touch skin and their piercing, purple, blue, red or white shining eyes. Their wings might not be, in most cases to be utilized for flight, but they are able to use them to glide and many Deamkin have mastered ways to use the wind to their advantage in daily life. their elegant, thin, pointy and very expressive tails and an obvious tell tail for their emotional state for anyone that knows them, and then of course there are the elaborate and scaly horns that come in all shape and sizes.

The Deamkin come from the frozen and plunged in darkness lands of Aspiria, and they are, by far the smallest in population sentient species in the world. They are excellent hunters and able to survive to the coldest of temperatures. For thousands of years they fought the horrors of the Duskbelt. Living is such harsh conditions requires hope, and hope for the Deamkin comes in the from of Aster, The South Prince their guiding light and saviour. Following his teachings the some Deamkin can achieve incredible feats by controlling the environment around them and bending it to their will. Deamkin's skin is venomous, nobody is really sure why but that makes them incapable of touching anyone who is not a Deamkin without causing them serious bodily harm.

Throught the years evidence that deamkin used to live in North Nyria have surfaced but noone has ever seen a Deamkin north of the Nyrian Archipelago


Vestigial Wings


Slender, Adaptable, Robust and Dangerous

Controlled Metabolism
Skin Adaptation
Cold Resistance

Peering eyes

Mention/define: Nightvision  

Keen Ears

As with all the Eledhrim Deamkin ears are pointier and longer from any Anthros and able to use muscles that allow them to better focus on sounds and hear much further than most other sentient species in the world.  

Elaborate Horns

Two backwards facing horns extend from their temples. The horns grow through the lifetime of a deamkin both in width and thickness. Each horn is separated into two branches but in most cases the secondary branch remains vestigial and much smaller in size. In rare cases the secondary horns grow larger and is some very rare cases even larger than the primary. Children born with that anomaly are considered blessed by the followers of Asterism since, Aster, The South Prince was known to carry the same abnormality.    

Under the Protection of the Prince

Mention/Elaborate: True Believer
+2 WIL (4-16)
+2 CHA (4-16)
-2 STR (4-12)
Controlled Metabolism
Skin Adaptation
Cold Resistance
True Believer
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Elphylax Demonia sapiens
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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