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Green Orc

Green Orcs are the predominant ethnicity of the race of Orcs. Unlike other ethnicities, Orcs are not subject to breeding. Two Green Orcs can have a Grey Orcs child and vice versa.    Green Orcs are the most common of the two ethnicities, and predominantly make up the backbone of Orc culture. Though Orcish culture consists most on the ideals that physical strength is the most important part of one's being, they are not a cold peoples. They have a unshakeable sense of family, not restricted to blood. They do not hold judgement against gender, sexuality or ableness, and look more at the physical strength as well as the emotional fortitude. For example, an Orc who is born with a defect will still be accepted and trained like all other orc children. They will not be given exception or special treatment. However should the handicap prove to much the Orcish leaders may determine someone unfit for training. Thsi decision is only made by the leaders, should someone wish to not attend their training, they will be made folkless. In short, they do not punish physcial weakness, they punish lack of pride and drive.


Gender Ideals

Gender is not something that the Orcs pay any mind to, except for reproduction purposes.

Courtship Ideals

Orcs despite their somewhat aggressive appearance, are very family orientated. They believe deeply in keeping their blood strong so children are made sure they are fed and looked after so they grow strong.  

Relationship Ideals

Orcs are encouraged to be monogamous with their partner. They do not judge same sex relationship, but they do insist that they reproduce in order to contribute to the ranks. This is enforced by a breeding season, where Orcs must reproduce with their partner, or find someone to reproduce with.
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