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Orcs are the largest of the fairfolk. They are a brutal race who value strength and power above all else. They are usually considered as violent and aggressive in nature.   Orcs are taller than humans, usually standing between six to seven feet. They are wideset and thick. Their skin is dark and grey and have a mixture of boar and human like features with some sporting variety of tusks and horns.   Orc society is ultimately based around strength and battle. From a young age they are taken from their mother and trained by Orc warriors. The orc culture is solely based around war and battle and thus are renowned for their army.   Lifespan of Orcs is something which is generally undetermined. Most perish early on in their life during training, battle competitions within the domain or at War. Some orcs have been recorded to matching elven life spans at around 300 years.   The orcs have two domains within Enther. The Orcarium is the home of the orcs, where as Fort Morbrook is a large hold set in the Morbrook mountains where the Orc army is based. The Orcs are lead by a general and exist in a militant society. Not only are the orcs master tractions and warriors in battle, but their blacksmithing is second only to the dwarves. Orcish steel mined from the Nethermore mountains is said to be unbreakable. There have been known instances when Orcs have actively crossbred with the Giant race to great large powerful halflings known as Ogres. Female Giants are usually sedated and raped by Orc men and kept captive as brood mothers to birth the Ogres.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
200 Years
Average Height
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