Callaudic isn't one ethnicity, but a people group. They are largely found within the country of Callaud, where they are separated into several tribes by the mountains and their valleys. They ahre a history of conflict, with each other of course, but also with their neighbors, and these many wars and many, many years have shaped them into a confederacy of their tribes. While there are differences between them all, they all share a sense of large community and have learned to survive in the harsh mountain scape that they do.  


The different tribes are as named:
  • Chuken
  • Poarku
  • Cahl
  • Maki
  • Ljek
  • Karku
  • Fhars
  • Rhyst
  • Prahst


  The habitat of the Callaudic people is that of a mountainous region. At the western section of Fripperland's great mountain range, they border the Atinians, AeshryansShalks, and some others in the Endless Sands. Their homes straddle great mountain ridges and punctuate the many valleys of the region. Winters are harsh and the local cultures have adapted to this with their dress and cuisine. In particular, the Callaudic peoples have historically heavily relied on the Gaew that live in their country. Differing from their lowland cousins, these Gaew are much shaggier and have much smaller horns. It is these coats, however, which provide the wool needed for the Callaudic peoples to make the coats which allow them to bear through the toughest of winters. Besides simply their wool, the Gaew provide meat, of course, but also great quantities of milk which both feeds the Callaudic peoples through drink and foods such as cheeses and also provided them with items such as wax which allows them to light up their cold and dark winter nights. This habitat may have had provided many challenges to the Callaudic peoples which have called it home, but then it has also provided many more challenges to would-be-invaders from far off, for whom such brutal winters on such dreadful slopes has proven nightmarish.


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