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The Endless Sands

As far as the eyes could ever hope to see, all that there is... is sand.


Flanked to the north by Johorne's longest mountain range, to the east by lush, tropical jungles, to the south by the icy waters of the southern seas, and to the west by the dry Shalk territories, the great desert utterly divides Fripperland.   All of the moisture brought by the ocean and wind currents come from the north, east, and west. Yet much of it is stopped on the great mountain range which stretches from southern Shaluach in the southwest to Bulus in the northeast. the moisture that reaches the continent in the east is formed into heavy jungle before it dissipates and leaves nothing left for the interior of the continent.

Fauna & Flora

Not much can live within the great desert, and those plants and animals that can must be hardy.   Among these hardy lifeforms, however, there are many species of cacti. Around these cacti persist many small creatures, mostly insects of some sort. There are many species of beetle to be found. Aside from the beetles, scorpions, centipedes, and desert spiders are all relatively common. Preying upon these insects are reptiles, such as lizards and some snake, as well as small desert mice and small birds. At the highest tiers of the desert food-web lay the foxes and the raptors, both of which subsist on the other predators.   There are few humans that live in the region. Many are simply employees from oil companies that exploit the desert's vast resources, although there are some native who eek out a living as they have for eons.

Natural Resources

Although largely ignored by many throughout Johorne's history, the great desert has had its fair share of strategic resources. Aside from the salt mines that many risked their live's to reach, the discovery of oil in the desert increased its value greatly.
Alternative Name(s)
The Fripperland desert.


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