High in the Matipenguns, a peaceful and reclusive group of people live in the otherwise war-torn land of Xzon. Known as the Langhir, the group is segregated from society somewhat by choice and somewhat by circumstance. Many nations have attempted to send minor envoys and trading parties to the Langhir to both connect them to the broader world and to try to begin establishing a more "civilised" society in Xzon, but few of these parties have ever reached Langhir and only two are known to have returned home afterwards.   The history of the Langhir is well established throughout Laerdt'nah, likely due to the contrast between them and the Xzonic warlords and because of two well-known Langhir bards who travelled the land 70 eochs ago. These bards, Lagu and Menari, only knew how to play the sasando and only spoke Langese, but they learned other languages and instruments over their travels. With these skills, they translated songs into other languages and added many of their own, telling the history of their people while also growing their own popularity. More than one of the previously failed expeditions was started because of the stories told by these bards, though they often told others not to try to reach the Langhir villages due to the dangers both in Xzon generally and at the bases of the Matipenguns specifically.   The two most popular stories of the Langhir, first sung by Lagu and Menari, both tell the tale of how the Langhir came to settle in the Matipenguns. The songs tell of three families, sailing across dangerous waters, seeing the mountains rising in the distance. As they came closer, a storm below ashore and as they watched, a huge bolt of lightning struck a tree growing up in the mountains, creating a fiery beacon. As this happened, a whirling of fish bubbled up in the ocean around them, and several large fish jumped into the boats, providing them with desperately needed food. Taking these signs as a good omen from their deity, they came ashore after the storm and climbed the mountain, finding the spot where the tree had been flat, rife with berries and edible plants, and generally protected from the wind. Together, they began to build the Langhir's primary village, Pesan.


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