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Sand Dwarves (Oryuné)

The sand dwarves are a subrace of the Dwarf species. They have dark skin for living in the deserts for too many generations. In the present days, many of these dwarves live inside the mountains that divide the kingdom Dul-Amarath with Rivien. Although they are prepared and equipped, living in The Barren Desert is no easy task, but the black dwarves managed to strive in this inhospitable place.


Major language groups and dialects

Dwarvish language

Shared customary codes and values

Honour, justice and above all, knowledge. These are the three things the Black Dwarves value the most.

Average technological level

The black dwarves are definetly the most advanced society in terms of techonology and magic. They value knowledge above all else and are known to be incredebly smart and sagacious.

Common Etiquette rules

"Fuck etiquette" said every dwarf ever.

Common Dress code

They don't have a dress code properly, but they normally use arabic/heat protection clothing.

Art & Architecture

The black dwarves use clay as a main material of their constructions. Even though they can't build castle so big as they distant ice cousins, their architecture is just as refined and suited for the enviroment they live on. 
Part of these dwarves live in tunnells inside mountains that divide Dul Amarath and Rivenfell. Various conglomarate of families live together side-by-side in such homes. 

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The black dwarves have a custom to give birth by the desert sands, if possible.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The black dwarves tend to burn their dead.

Common Taboos

Not drinking beer is a taboo amongst the Black Dwarves.


Beauty Ideals

For the Black Dwarves, the bigger the prettier. Body size is a sign of virility and health amongst these short fellas.

Gender Ideals

Like their cousins of the north, the Black Dwarves have a equal society in terms of gender. Although in Dul Amarath both men and women can become the ruler.

Relationship Ideals

The black dwarves is a poliamorous society. There are couples, yes, but they usually don't last long and having had a lot of relationships is a sign of honour amongst these dwarves.
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