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Empire of Rivien (Rivien)


The Chosen > Durantia's Hand > Councilor > High Governor > Regional Governor


Rivien was founded by Lento Firmweäver when he (together with his friend Diarmuid Anglechtor) united all 317 elvish tribes to fight against the Snow Dwarves of the northern country known as Hakyama. After the Unification War ended, Diarmuid decided to exclude himself from the rest of the kingdom and founded the Order of the Rising Sun, leaving all of the power of the new kingdom to Lento.     Two years after he was crowned Emperor and started to reign the wood elves' tribes. Amazingly, his family is still in power to this day.


Regions (Provinces):  
  • Nimbus, the Dragon Land (The New Empire)
  • The Archipelago Siblings (Iridionisi)
  • Mother's Land (True Province)
  • Beast Islands (Arda Province and Yampling Province)
  • The Enchanted Jungle (Ento Province)
  • Olta-Man Desert (Scarab Province)
  • Eastern Mountains (Marter-Kar, the Mountain Elves' Kingdom)
  • Foreign Relations

    Rivien's foreign relations are good only with the Sand Dwarves of Dul-Amarath.
    Founding Date
    38792 BBE
    Geopolitical, Empire
    Head of State
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