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Nimbus, the Dragon Land (Nimbus)

Nimbus is an air-floating archipelago located above the Akinaber continent. It was also the the birthplace and home of the legendary war hero Nomminus Aalak.


Nimbus is composed by several big islands that connect themselves through smaller islands.


The whole region is bursting with life.


The floating archipelago that is now called Nimbus was once part of the Akinaber Continent. In the last battle of the Patricide War, the Star Dragon known as Alerius, the Griefed One lost his beloved Elana, the Battle-Scarred. After the war, the old and mourning dragon travelled to Rivien and, with his gravitacional magic, tore apart several mountains from The Old Mountains and molded a floating archipelago that he called Nimbus, the Dragon Land.   After that, he called upon his fellow Dragonkin and Dragons to join him in his new home. Time has passed and after three milenia, the place was crawling with life and dragonic energy. Most dragons and dragonkin that were still alive in Lindrinor packed their bags and started a new life in Nimbus. One of these were the Dragonborn Tenacius, the Visionaire.   He was a aristocrat that lived in Gwyen and belonged to the famous Akintobar Lineage, the one and only noble house that had a seat in Rivien's Council. In that council, he fought for two centuries to create The New Empire. Once the then King of Rivien, Falavandriel, the Wondrous granted Tenacius' wishes with two conditions: 1) The New Empire would have to answer any of Rivien's call to war and 2) The Akintobar Lineage would have to leave Rivien's Council and, in return, The New Empire would have to participate. Tenacius agreed on those terms and, in the year 2987 BBE, he was crowned Emperor. He was murdered in the year 357 BBE.
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The Floating Continent
Island, Floating
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Sometimes, you need a few paragraphs to indicate why a place is special. Here, three words sufficed: " air-floating archipelago". I read those and I was hooked! ^_^

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