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Unification War

The Conflict


Around the beginning of the 4th decade, the Snow Dwarves of the northern kingdom of Hakyama were thriving in their new technology war advancements: they had invented siege weapons. With that new power, they were raiding and conquering all of the Kriln, Goblinic and Orcish kingdoms of the time. But now a more significant enemy group was left to conquer: the Elves.

Historical Significance

The elves that dwelled in the sea would be impossible to defeat, so the dwarves decided to travel to the southern continent of Akinaber and started raiding all the Wood Elvish tribes spread across the dense jungles of Fomantica . Quickly enough, all the tribes started to be overwhelmed and destroyed by the terrifying industrial dwarvish machinery.   However, two friends would turn the tides of this battle. Diarmuid "Ravinus' Talon" Anglechtor and Lento Firmweäver. Together, they traveled from region to region of Fomantica to warn and call for the help of all the tribes spread across the jungles. Since they were very skilled fighters, many decided to join them in their quest and soon enough they acquired a bunch of followers, eventually forming a small army called The Liberators Front  They won many battles together, eventually rising their fame and glory level. Therefore, after their 10th won battle, they decided to try and gather all the tribes in the same place to discuss a possible unification. The dwarves knew about this gathering and they decided to try and end it all at once. So they decided to attack the meeting, emerging victorious at the end. However, their plan backfired when that act was used as the ignition spark the elves needed to unite themselves and form a country of their own to fight against this new external threat.    With that, the Empire of Rivien was founded and the elves now had enough power to defend themselves from the powerful dwarvish kingdom.
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