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The Enchanted Jungle

Main factions:
  • Pale Dwarves of Bardarem
  • Dryads 
  • Entomars that rule this province, known as Arda
  • Serpes from Hisser City
  • The Undying's Hands


  • This dense tropical jungle is situated on the western side of Southern Akinaber 
  • Its limits lies whithin The Magical Sea to the west and south, and the Southern Mountains to the north and east
  • A bunch of rivers course through the region. The main one is called River Nyan K'atu and it cuts the jungle diagonally, starting on the north and flowing southwards and then eastwards. Many others begin in the Southern Mountains and flow directly to Nyan K'atu. 

Ecosystem Cycles

  • Low and High Arcana periods

Localized Phenomena

Like many places in Lindrinor, the Enchanted Jungle is bursting with Arcane energy. It is a magical residuum that remained after Laverius, the Psycho created the Iridios.


  • This jungle has been part of Arda Province since its creation 
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