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Kiripaka (Ki-ri-pak-a)

An ethnic group of Humans inhabiting the Besira chain islands and the Manu_Archipelago, who heavily rely on coastal practices, including hunting, fishing and foraging when the foliage allows for such an activity. The Kiripaka are nomadic people who prefer to live closely with nature, worshipping divinities associated with aspects of the wild, such as the lesser deities of the Iaxovar_Pantheon who's divine portfolios include the seasons that govern this realm and many others. These are Celir, Esith, Neknea, Oxdorh and of course Vaion, the greater deity, encompassing nature across the majority of realms of the Cosmic_Orrery  They form peaceful communities who would seek to aid travellers that visit their island settlements, offering food, shelter and even permanent places with them if they wish. Although, there is also a splinter faction of the Kiripaka who diverged from their costal counterparts centuries ago. They are the Khazadui Wildfire Druids, a druidic circle comprised of devout followers of the Elder Flame Wurm and pyroclastic practices. They survive atop the inhospitable region of Besira known as the The Melting Precipice, a highly active volcanic region comprised of several volcanoes in addition to steep and jagged mountain ranges. These druids are one of the sole reasons for the survival of the Aurelial_Oceanids due to their seemingly inherent pyromantic powers, which allowed them to redirect the lava and fallout of the Great Calamity away from the Manu_Archipelago, later forming the Besira chain islands as a result.


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