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The Melting Precipice

The melting precipice is the largest and most active volcano in the mapped area of Iaxovar. This is the home of the Elder Flame Wurm, the sigil of the Khazadui Wildfire Druids and their ally in the fight against the encroaching Thulian Sect and anyone else who seeks their destruction. This volcano has been the focal point of many destructive events throughout the history of Azzaron, as well as a few non-destructive events. The melting precipice first came to the attention of the far courts of the empires and kingdoms on the neighbouring continents during the Great Calamity of 1042. It has since created the continent of the Besira  chain islands, which many now call home after its colonisation in 1053 by the Khazadui Wildfire Druids. There are few who are able to withstand the harsh environment posed by The melting precipice and thus, cults such as the Thulian Sect used the Great Calamity as an opportunity to create the Thulian Sect Sacrificial Templesin The melting precipice as it's hard to reach interior provides the perfect environment for concealment. This provides refuge to the Khazadui Wildfire Druids and originally the Khazadui Order, after 1042 (the Great Calamity). This created the expansion of land that has become known over the past 400 years as Besira , which has sustained many forms of life, both natural and manmade in origin. It also houses the the Elder Flame Wurm, the strongest ally of the Khazadui Wildfire Druids have in their struggles against the Thulian Sect. The Melting Precipice also contains the secret Thulian Sect Sacrificial Temple, where many innocents and non-innocents alike are sacrificed in the advancement of the Thulain Sect. During the Great Calamity of 1042, the Thulian Sect took advantage of the chaos to establish their own outpost and the Thulian Sect Sacrificial Temple on the interior of the volcano. The Khazadui Order and subsequently, the Khazadui Wildfire Druids, built their sanctum of Glynsalor into the outer walls of the volcano. The architecture of the Thulian Sect Sacrificial Temple and the druid sanctum of Glynsalor is very primal in their construction. TheKhazadui Wildfire Druids settlement (Glynsalor) has a cave-like appearance on its interior, where it has been carved out. This is to help it blend into the surrounding areas and allows the magma to flow over the entrances to the mask them from the view of outsiders. The cavern structures that weave through the walls of the volcano provide support and relief for the pressure inside the volcano. The Thulian Sect Sacrificial Temple can also be found to have this same cavern-like structure, although its walls have a smoother finish, with some sharper angles. This cave complex has been carved through the enslavement of a beholder. The temple is found on the inside of the volcano's walls and is near impossible to reach by non-magical means. The Melting Precipice is responsible for one the biggest catastrophes in history during the Great Calamity of 1042. It has been the battleground for many sieges of both man and nature and has created the continent of Iaxovar; the Besira chain islands, which now supports a multitude of countries, from the Kui Providence to the Kilisyan Sultanate. It has been inhabited by the Elder Flame Wurm and the Khazadui Wildfire Druids. They have established the Glynsalor settlement on the outer rim of the volcano.
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