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Snow Traders

TThe People of the Khazars Peninsular in the northern limits to the Stabatian continent are known as the Elcome People. They mainly live within the country of Causapscol. Winter in this region is harsh and long with more of the year snowbound than not, and less than that available for good food production. To survive the harsh 6 months of winter weather the Elcome people within the country of Causapscol have a system of Snow Traders who traverse the country throughout the winter in huge dog-pulled sleigh caravans. These can be as large as 60 sleighs with up to 300 dogs.   The Great Sleigh Caravans of the Snow Traders mainly follow 3 winter trade routes with Causapscol. A) The Great Cliff Trail, B) The Western Bay Road, and C) The Great Highland Trail. Smaller Sleigh Caravans operate feeder routes. It is only through these winter supply caravans that the Elcome People can maintain their substantial presence in the countryside over the winter months without the need to migrate to warmer areas for large portions of the year. It is really the lifeblood of the nation that allows them to survive in the inhospitable region, linking the cities that would have been isolated for 5 months of the year.   
These traveling Snow Traders use well defines trading routes, however even they need to pause for up to a week on occasion because of bad weather. There are seven major Snow Trader Organisations that operate the large dog sleigh caravans. Some of these organizations have 4 or 5 large sleigh caravans operating at any one time.  This winter trade is following a tradition that is at least 500 years old and is the only way the large cities in the country can sustain such a high population.    Both men and women make up the sleigh teams with some being ninety people strong. Children are usually not allowed on the caravans, but instead, stay with other relatives if their parents are both away trading.    The different sleighs consist of defense sleighs, goods sleighs, Lumber transport sleighs, and utility sleighs.


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