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The Rehethi

Denizens of the Lost Lands

History   Originally part of the inhabitants of the Barren Lands, the poor souls of the Rehethi traded one desolate and uninhabtable landscape for an even worse one. When Ayundra was split from Trian during the War of the North, much of the attacking forces of the united tribes we're still on Ayundra and as such were separated from any way back to the mainlands. Lady Luck's Passage proved to be nearly impossible to traverse, especially without boats or proper equipment, prompting the few surivivor to march northwards to find shelter. Finding most of the homes of the ex-northern barren lands destroyed by the countless tremors and earthquakes or overrun by lava, it was a very tough first few month, until even the bare necessities for ordered life were reestablished and many died in the process.


Major language groups and dialects

Rehethi Common is the main language, which is a dialect of common that drifts strongly towards orcish and gigant, with a hint of draconic - which are the other main languages spoken. In rare instances, there is also elvish to be heard though it is rare and quickly earns disapproving looks.

Culture and cultural heritage

The different races which were part of the original survivors of the Great Divide included mainly orcs, half-orcs, goblin-kind, barbarians and humans, though there had been a few surviving elven warriors caught on the wrong side of the split, and a few dragonborn that had not been entirely wiped out by the creation of the Fold. Nowadays, most Rehethi are mixed with some percentage of orcish backgroud.

Shared customary codes and values

Considering that surviving the horrid conditions of Ayundra  (or Tolreheth, as called by it's inhabitants) is a challenge in itself, teamwork and looking out for each other is one of the core values. Having lost so much in the early days really established an idea of found family between much of the people, and this loyalty and caring has been passed down generations. The Rehethi also strongly believe in social equity, ensuring justice and fairness, which means that they still have unfinished business with the Wildwood Realm.

Coming of Age Rites

A very common comming-of age ritual includes two group missions and one solo effort; a challenge "in fire" in the Fold and a challenge "in ice" along the coast or in the far north of Ayundra are the group tests to represent unity, strength and leadership. Then, at the festivities, they share their retelling of Tolreheths history, to show loyalty, care and intellect. The accurate retellling of stories is highly important, since books are very rare and quickly distroyed. Nearly all knowledge is passed down, therefore the Rehethi start learning information quickly and accurately very early on in life.


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