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Polar scientist

It takes a special kind of person to separate oneself from the rest of world in pursuit of science. And it takes one even more crazy to do that separation on Antarctica. During the summer months on the southern hemisphere (October to June) when Antarctica is blessed with the everlasting polar day. About a thousand people live in barracks among the Penguins, between ice and rock, with skies clear in everlasting sunshine, or blacked out by a sudden snowstorm. With summer temperatures as high as -26°C and winters around -60°C

Sciencey people doing sciencey things by Katrine Claassens via wikimedia commons

Cut off from the world's facilities and luxuries, no ambulance to pick you up when you bump your toe on a table leg. Your closest neighbours might be a helicopter ride away on another research station. There are no supplies to be delivered during your winter stay. Only what you brought with you when the ship dropped you off. And the goods the ship brought in supplies. Food, and science equipment. Water is the only thing that is abundant. Well, not in the liquid form. Water is abundant as ice and snow.

Only if the wind isn't above storm strength, which is rare, maybe two to three times in the summer, a plane might be able to come in with supplies and people, or to take the waste away.

Scientist interviewing a penguin by CORE Education via wikimedia commons
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In response to: Summer Camp 2021, prompt 13: An ethnicity surviving in inhospitable region.

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