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Dust Elf

Appearance & Physiology

Dust Elves share the inherent physical traits of their parent species. They are typically slender in build and average around six feet in height - the tallest of the main four species of Axora. The main characteristic that sets them apart from humans though are the pointed ears. Dust Elves have tan or sandy-coloured skin tones, reflecting the environment they have adapted to.   They are incredibly hardy people and well adapted to dry and hot climates. They are capable of surviving in the hot sun of the deserts of Maressea and Thrabad and typically require less water than most other species/ethnicities. Due to their nomadic origins, Dust Elves have very high endurance levels and are able to traverse great distances over short periods of time with little to no sustenance.  


Whilst the origin of all the sentient species is shrouded in myth and legend, it is apparent the Elven species are one of the most adaptable with Dust Elves being just one ethnicity of several. It is presumed the High Elves and Forest Elves are reflective of the original and when the earliest explorers settled other lands, the other ethnicities developed over time  

Location & Spread

Dust Elves originate from the dry and arid areas of Axora, most notably the kingdom of Maressea and the entire continent of Thrabad. As such, Dust Elves are amongst the most populous ethnicities of Elf, if not the most populous. Whilst some ethnicities only dwell in cities like High Elves or only live as smaller communities like Wood Elves, Dust Elves operate in both kinds of civilisation. Their origins are rooted in a nomadic lifestyle in the deserts but they were also instrumental in creating and populating great cities such as Ialos in Maressea.  


Due to being the most widespread of Elven ethnicities, there is no longer one culture that is definitively Dust Elven, as such. The Maressean culture, however, is very much rooted in the Elven ways, from worship to ruling structure. Maressea is not a monarchy but instead follows the Elven council approach to leadership. There is one leader and a council to advise, the same way the Dust Elves operated in tribes. It is thought that the Dust Elves ancestors were more likely to have been Forest Elves due to the association Maressean culture has with the natural world. Whilst nature is intrinsically linked to all Elven cultures, only Wood Elves have a stronger connection than Dust Elves.   The Maressean language is heavily influenced by the Elven language and out of all the regional languages, it is the most closely connected.  

Notable Dust Elves

  • Maro Melotis - Proson ton Tidor (Master of Ships) of Maressea
  • Alcina Anastas - Proson ton Armon (Master of Agriculture) of Maressea
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