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The majority of Maressea is dry and arid brushland. In the northwest, are the Dust Barrens, an area that is particularly dry, just miles and miles of cracked, thirsty, soil. It's in this almost-wasteland, where the nomadic Dust Elves live and roam. To the east of this expanse, below the Nargunar Mountains that separate Maressea from Gonde, is Falerond. Falerond is the home of the 'static' Dust Elves.   Herakas is the closest city to the pass between the Nargunar Mountains and the Spines of Mulbarak and sits almost on the intersection between three differing climates. It's influenced by its home nation's dry warmth from the south and west, the wet humidity of Hantau from the east and the wintry cold from Gonde in the north.   The south coast benefits from the warm currents than run anticlockwise from the south. As such, fishing towns thrive, as does the capital, Ialos.

Fauna & Flora

Animals and plants capable of surviving in the warm, dry lands of Maressea tend to be found here. In the domesticated world, the Maressean Cat is particularly sought after in other parts of Axora.

Natural Resources

Maressea has large quantities of limestone in its hills.
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