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Traversing Thrabad is an arduous task, from the the dry heat of the deserts of the Khena Kingdom, the prowling predators in Djakoro and the warring factions of Mazvinga. It is no mean feat to survive all that and write this chronicle.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


Thrabad is split into three major territories: The Khena Empire in the north, Mazvinga in the south, with Djakoro inbetween.


The Khena Empire in the north is dominated by the vast Maru Desert, its capital city of Khusaka is built upon the desert's edge. Savannahs are the predominant landscape across Djakoro to the south, whilst Mazvinga in the south is a clash of geographic features. Desert, lush groves and mountainous barrens all feature within the fractured territory.


The dry heat of the north of Thrabad gives way to more dry heat in the middle, to the sporadically wet heat of the south. The the rain does fall in Thrabad, it tends to be in flash floods. In the south, the climate almost borders on temperate, the temperatures trend a notable margin higher than the true temperate regions of Axora like Aldenia.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the vast array of habitats across Thrabad, the flora and fauna follow suit. Species adapted to dry arid conditions find their homes in the Khena Empire, amongst the dunes of the Maru Desert and beyond. Some of the continents larger creatures can be found roaming the savannahs of Djakoro. Mazvinga, as a territory has the widest variety, due to housing both desert and savannah aspects within its borders, along with a large lake, and southern shoreline.


Thrabad's history is one of war and conflict. Whilst Drassau outdoes Thrabad in terms of the raw number of changes in controlling factions, Thrabad has spent the longest time officially in a state of war. Prior to the Cataclysm War, The Khena Empire changed hands within its borders many times, and the Empire itself was typically at war with the rulers of Djakoro over their borders. Ironically, after the Cataclysm War, those two nations agreed to a truce but Mazvinga in the south, fractured, and remains in an internal conflict between six factions to this day.
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