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Drassau is a wild frontier. The many islands provide many opportunities for those seeking a new beginning.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


The main island of Balhos is split, its boundary changing and fluctuating, but generally between the north-east and south-west roughly evenly. Each side has their own capital city, but are simply regarded as North Balhos and South Balhos respectively. The archipelago chain of islands off the northern coastline technically belong to North Balhos but are largely unregulated and rife with smugglers etc.   The next largest islands of Zoves in the north-west of his collection and Cosania in the south each have a different organisation in charge. Cosania being the home of the Drassau Altarans, the largest collection of Altarans outside of Aldenia.   Meanwhile, the leadership of the Isles of Ihlon in the west change hands more frequently than any other region in Axora, but very rarely is there any one faction with outright control over all the islands. Typically, is a contested fight for control of the majority. Whomever owns the de facto capital of Sa'anlos is usually the one regarded to be in power.


Balhos is the only island to show a real variety of geographical features, with a mountain range splitting the landmass through the middle, from north-west to south-east. Portions of the centre of Balhos are dry and arid, but verdant lakes, particularly in North Balhos dot the landscape. There are also a plethora of archipelago island chains, both off the north of Balhos and the ones that make up the Isles of Ilhon in the west.   Cosania is dominated by tall mountains in its centre, with hills around it all the way to its coastline - making most of the population live around the edges. Zoves has large forests over most of its landmass.


Most of the islands are warm and tropical in nature. Balhos sees the widest variation in climate month-to-month by the simple virtue of being the largest of the lot.

Fauna & Flora

Any creature that enjoys a coastal dwelling will likely be found somewhere with Drassau. The mainlands of Balhos, Zoves and Cosania each show their own intriguing flora and fauna adapted to each of their unique climate and habitats offered.


Drassau was original populated with the most dedicated of explorers, and the last continent to be discovered. Settlers initially flocked to Balhos, but the smaller islands drew the attention of some of the sentient species of lesser number, such as the Altarans that took over Cosania. The Isles of Ilhon quickly became a haven for anyone seeking escape for one reason of another, and thus, a hotspot for piracy and general ne'er-do-wells.
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