Souls of the Dead

The souls of departed mortals, that linger in the barren oceans of the Astral Plane as part of the Sea of Souls.  As these souls are already dead, they do not require nutrients, and are content to simply prepare for their next lives.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Souls of the Dead usually lose their family names first, as their ties to the Material Plane are gradually worn away by the shifting tides of the Sea of Souls.  Personal names soon follow, as their memories gradually fade away in preparation for their reincarnation or for them to join the energy of the planar system.


Major language groups and dialects

The Souls of the Dead speak in half-heard whispers, that, taken together, merge into the ceaseless roar of the Sea of Souls.  No mortal can understand their speech without assistance, and even with assistance may quickly be driven mad by their murmurs.

Common Etiquette rules

Souls tend to cling together in the Sea, forming clumped groups that influence one another.  These souls leave pieces of themselves tangled up in the others when they separate. These clusters may have been souls that were important to one another in their past lives, or souls that will be important to one another in any of their future lives.

Art & Architecture

The Souls of the Dead gather loose energy from the planar system and use it to renew and reshape themselves.  If one were able to draw a single soul out of the sea (a task only possible for the entourage of the Raven Queen or the Demon King), they would find that the souls was a work of art unto itself; a swirling kaleidoscope of various magics and energies.