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Hariadi (Hahr-e-ah-dee)

"Bitter Anger will do as she wills - mortals truly don't influence gods' lives that much. So I could live forever in fear of the outer sea, just as I could live in eternal fear of heights. But if I feared every potential, I'd live no life at all."
- A Hariadi Trader
  A subset of the Theoli, 'Hariadi' translates to 'Hariad People,' referring specifically to the Hariad mountains. These people are remarkable for their tenacity and work songs, though outsiders will see the former much more often than the latter. Their villages are strung throughout the southwest mountain range, particularly along the outer edge of the continent. The colder temperatures, harder soil, and harsher weather set them apart from their inner coastal cousins.  

Religion and Worship

Though many of the social mores of the Hariadi match the rest of the Theoli, Hariadi traditions err more on the side of modesty and respect. They consider themselves to be the watchers for any signs of Bitter Anger, the god of deep waters and storms, returning to harm the continent. Whereas most villages and towns in Lialin will avoid more than small shrines and discrete worship of Bitter Anger, treating her as a power to be avoided yet respected, the Hariadi consider themselves to be her people. They do not live in fear of her so much as accept the goddess's wrath as a fact of life.   Each village will typically have at least one dedicate of Bitter Anger, to whom the village's woes are directed. The dedicate, who is typically an elder woman, is regarded as the main arbiter to all internal debates, even if they choose not to take direct part in the rest of village life or politics. Their home will be decorated with ocean symbols and have brightly colored tassels hung from its rafters, to show that there resides one who is sympathetic to Bitter Anger's position.   When traveling, Hariadi will often carry an ocean shell from the outer curve, even if they live a fair distance from the ocean or have never been to the shoreline themselves. It's thought that if something happens to their village, the shell will resonate with Bitter Anger's cries, and they will know to return home.  


Hariadi food is noted for its high spice content - several smaller, tougher plants in the higher altitudes of the Hariad range have a surprisingly high capsaicin content. They also tend towards beverages with low alcoholic content, with more potent brews usually diluted or ferments just enough to ensure the drink's proper development.
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