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Tower's Fall

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When news of an uprising in the Crescent first arrived at the capital of Orellia, they dismissed it as a local matter, and sent an army. When that same uprising proved victorious, and the surviving soldiers spoke in awe of the flame-made-flesh who led them, the capital took them seriously. When borders were officiated between Orellia and the newly independent Theolin, the world wondered if the revolutionaries had developed some new weapon, or if Orellia was finally poised to fall. But every battle was the same, and soon the fiery figure had a name. Ilmira, who could hold a country's border by herself. Theolin's Living Bastion.

But Ilmira is only human, and she is dying. The secret that gave her the ability to win the war has been broken, and they are far from safe from Orellia's revenge. Her illness is now all but unchecked - and it's been seen again in a new Knighthood trainee. Joined by a flippant vagabond, a foreign princess's spy, and a cast of revolutionaries turned royals, it'll take all of their wit, magic, and outright spite to keep their new freedom intact.  
World Cover Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash