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The Saltseers are a loose ethnicity of peoples who live as hermits at the edges of Echo Flats. They have developed a reputation as prophets and diviners, and many seek out the telling of fortunes from one of their number.   They draw their powers from harvesting the hallucinogenic Zikiti Crabs and are a common sight shambling in the distance across the salty expanse of the flats, with their salt sleds and their digging spikes.

Divination for a price

The many Saltseers of Echo Flats charge high premiums for a reading, and there is much competition amongst them. There are some Saltseers with genuine powers of foresight, divination and the ability to peer beyond the veil into the metaphysical beyond. But there are even more charlatans and many of the seers will accuse the others, rightly or wrongly, of being false prophets in order to secure a reading from a hopeful.   The Saltseers will collect a number of followers, who keep them in food and supplies for their shelters. Some of them keep large camps at the edge of the flats where their followers will conduct their affairs.

Saltseer names

The tradition among the Saltseers is to name themselves after some details drawn from their visions, and the more extravagant the better. Recent fashion has been to take on names which embrace the dichotomy and vagaries of their divinations, and to embrace verbose alliteration.  

Saltseers of note

Two of the most famous Saltseers currently practicing:     The Aspect and the Resplendency have been in fierce competition for many years, each seeking to outdo the other. They compete for influential clients, or to spread their own prophecies as far as they can. They equally seek to undermine the reputation of the other, but to do so at a distance. Both have less-than-savoury types in their employ that seed ill rumours of the other. Overt conflict is beneath them but their followers are not so demure.    
The Divination of the Drowned Lord
Myth | Dec 31, 2021

I see the coming of many devils atop breaking waves, with a bright and terrible lord at their back.

by Ononomad, using Heroforge
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