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The Divination of the Drowned Lord

And I see the coming of many devils atop breaking waves. The air filled with the howling of strangers, with a bright and terrible lord at their back.   His voice cries shrill above the deep surge of ocean tides and the salty froth swirls pink with the blood of the People: those who defend the sunken spires of the Lost.   A spear flies through the darkness with the Two Moons and Fire of the Sun riding on its back. I see it pierce the heart of the swarm and I see a flotilla shattered. The Spear is lost beneath the waves and the people mourn, for it takes their heart with them. But in its wake, the Bright Lord wails, and the strangers sink, shrieking into their watery tomb.   I see thus, the swarm drown by hand and wing. But the Bright Lord escapes back into the cold darkness, cowed but not defeated.   The waters are restless yet.  
- The Regal Resplendency of Adversity and Abundance
  Thus spoke The Resplendency, one of the most famous of the Saltseer of Echo Flats. It is the prophecy that made their fame. For, as is commonly interpreted, it tells of the last battle - (The Drowning at Telela - between the invading forces of Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos and the Motu resistance led buy the Talons of Aetora. The Spear that is lost beneath the waves is believed to refer to the lost leader of the Talons, Aktaca Galerider, who turned the tide of the battle at a critical moment by sacrificing himself.   The Divination is purported to have been uttered in trance many years before the battle by The Resplendency, and many see it as proof of their gifts of prophecy and truthsaying. The Resplendency's chief competitor amongst the Saltseers, The August Aspect, is a vocal critic - accusing The Resplendency of making up the prophecy after the fact.   Whatever the truth, nearly everyone in Camp Thrifty , and across the Uferbrech Archipelago has heard the Divination of the Drowned Lord. For some it is a tale of hope against oppression, others a humorous jibe at the pompous Lord Protectors. For Akron himself, it is an embarrassing reminder of his failings and a task left undone.

Historical Basis

The Divination is believed by many to refer to the Drowning at Telela.
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